Sentence Examples

  • The legends of the monks attribute the first religious settlements to the age of Constantine (274-337), but the hermitages are first mentioned in historical documents of the 9th century.
  • Dependent on the several monasteries are twelve sketae (cnth rat) or monastic settlements, some of considerable size, in which a still more ascetic mode of life prevails: there are, in addition, several farms (Aeroxia), and many hundred sanctuaries with adjoining habitations (K€XXLa) and hermitages (fiQKrtri) pca).
  • 75° 48'), celebrated for its cave hermitages and halls.
  • The solitudes of Upper Egypt, where numerous monasteries and hermitages had been planted, seem at this time to have been his chief shelter.
  • The Monte Luco, which commands a splendid view, has several hermitages upon it.

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