Sentence Examples

  • Your cherished heirloom collection might be best put away until your kids get older – not only could your little ones make sacrifices of your pieces, accessories can translate into choking hazards.
  • Some couples may be fortunate enough to acquire an antique filigree ring as an heirloom, while other couples may need to frequent jewelry pawn shops, estates sales, and antique dealers to view older jewelry pieces.
  • Heirloom preemie sewing patterns for charity can indicate basic crafting projects used for charity purposes or using heirloom sewing, a special kind of sewing made popular in recent decades, for charity events.
  • This is often a favorite way to upgrade an engagement ring without losing the beauty and sentiment of the original stone, whether it is an heirloom ring or just a treasured token of a loving relationship.
  • There is such an enormous variety of heirloom tomatoes, you should be able to find a type that suits your needs no matter what climatic zone you live in or whether you are looking for slicing, novelty, cherry or paste tomatoes.