Sentence Examples

  • Their reputation as raiders is sufficiently shown in the division of the tribe into two clans, the Hazari-khoas or "eaters of a thousand hearths," and the Kapah-chors or "thieves that lurk in the cotton fields."
  • A partition divided it into two equal parts, one of which had a doorway opening to the south, and close by it an extensive refuse-heap. In the middle of the other part was a stone-paved hearth, with remains of three former hearths underneath.
  • Taran stepped into a cavernous bedchamber lit by low burning hearths and scented by the white flowers sitting in each window.
  • The colder winter climate of mainland Greece dictated the use of fixed hearths, whereas in the Cretan palaces these seem to have been of a portable kind, and the different usage in this respect again reacted on the respective forms of the principal hall or " Megaron."
  • Leo Africanus, writing early in the 16th century, gives a favourable picture of the "great city" of Tunis, which had a flourishing manufacture of fine cloth, a prosperous colony of Christian traders, and, including the suburbs, nine or ten thousand hearths; but he speaks also of the decay of once flourishing provincial towns, and especially of agriculture, the once powerful Church.