Sentence Examples

  • The eastern headwaters of the Senegal thus drain a large area adjacent to the upper Niger.
  • The headwaters of the main arm of the Tigris have their source in the vilayet.
  • In this neighbourhood the county includes the headwaters of the Lea, and thus a small portion of it falls within the Thames basin.
  • The seven new departments are: Atlantico, taken from the northern extremity of Bolivar; Caldas, the southern part of Antioquia; Galan, the southern districts of Santander, including Charala, Socorro, Velez, and its capital San Gil; Huila, the southern part of Tolima, including the headwaters of the Magdalena and the districts about Neiva and La Plata; Narino, the southern part of Cauca extending from the eastern Cordillera to the Pacific coast; Quesada, a cluster of small, wellpopulated districts north of Bogota formerly belonging to Cundinamarca, including Zipaquira, Guatavita, Ubate and Pacho; and Tundama, the northern part of Boyaca lying on the frontier of Galan in the vicinity of its capital Santa Rosa.
  • Both of these streams have their headwaters almost in contact with those of the river Paraguay.

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