Sentence Examples

  • Hannover 1866 (Gotha, 1885), and Gen.
  • And his claim to Hanover, including the Offizieller Bericht fiber die Kriegsereignisse zwischen Hannover and Preussen im Juni 1866 (Vienna, 1867), and he edited the works of Leibnitz in eleven volumes (1861-1884).
  • Ulrich, Bilder aus Hannovers Vergangenheit (1891); Hoppe, Geschichte der Stadt Hannover (1845); Hirschfeld, Hannovers Grossindustrie and Grosshandel (Leipzig, 1891); Frensdorff, Die Stadtverfassung Hannovers in alter and newer Zeit (Leipzig, 1883); W.
  • Hannover), formerly an independent kingdom of Germany, but since 1866 a province of Prussia.
  • Hiine, Geschichte des Konigreichs Hannover and des Herzogtums Braunschweig (Hanover, 1824-1830); A.