Sentence Examples

  • In 216 and 205 it assisted Rome in the Hannibalic war, but afterwards it is not mentioned until 41-40 B.C., when L.
  • Cincius Alimentus, who flourished during the Hannibalic war.'
  • C.) The Bruttii entirely lost their freedom at the end of the Hannibalic war; in 194 colonies of Roman citizens were founded at Tempsa and Croton, and a colony with Latin rights at Hipponium called henceforward Vibo Valentia.
  • With Nepet and ten other Latin colonies it refused further help in the Hannibalic War in 209 B.C. Its importance as a fortress explains, according to Festus, the proverb Sutrium ire, of one who goes on important business, as it occurs in Plautus.
  • Throughout the Hannibalic wars it remained faithful to Rome, and had a further contingent of colonists sent in zoo B.C. to replace its losses in war.

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