Sentence Examples

  • Hann, with Messrs Warner, Tate and Taylor, in 1873, related to the country north of the Kirchner range, watered by the Lynd, the Mitchell, the Walsh and the Palmer rivers, on the east side of the Gulf of Carpentaria.
  • Kriimmel calculates that the mean temperature of the whole ocean surface is 63.3° F., while the mean sea-level temperature of the whole layer of air at the surface of the earth is given by Hann as 57.8 ° F.
  • Hann lagsi " undir sig alla y Sudreyjar....
  • En er hann for vestann slogust " i eyjernar vikingar ok Skotar ok Irar ok herjusu ok ra ntu " visa " (Landn., ed.
  • Hann, " Die Anomalien der Witterung auf Island in dem Zeitraume 1851-1900, &c.," Sitzungsberichte, Vienna Acad.

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