Sentence Examples

  • Of this movement the Teutonic Order became, along with the Hanse, the chosen representative.
  • The concord of the Order with the towns and the Hanse was one great cause of its prosperity until the close of the 14th century; and the rupture of that concord in the 15th century was largely responsible for its fall.
  • In 1270 it joined the Hanse towns, Stralsund, Rostock, Wismar and Lubeck, and took part in the wars which they carried on against the kings of Denmark and Norway.
  • The tsar, as protector of the Germanic System, had already been so annoyed by the seizure of the duc d'Enghien on German territory, and by other high-handed actions against the Hanse cities, as to recall his ambassador from Paris.
  • It was for a time a Hanse town, and came into the possession of Prussia in 1720, having belonged to Sweden since 1648.