Sentence Examples

  • If your cell phone is capable of using the Bluetooth A2DP stereo profile and you purchase a hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone that comes with similar functionality, it may be possible to stream music from your music phone to the speaker.
  • If the plan member does not answer the hands-free contact from the dispatcher, emergency workers are also sent out.The smoke detectors used by the company do not just make a noise if smoke is detected as most smoke detectors do.
  • They often install the software just so they can use their voice to open documents quickly, or navigate hands-free through a lot of information on the computer, allowing them to have the ability to write on paper simultaneously.
  • This is a way that you can do anything from control the commands of your computer (ask it to open documents, delete files, navigate through a webpage, etc.) to write essays, emails, and applications with a hands-free mode.
  • In addition to making it look fantastic, you can also purchase data cables to sync your contacts and calendar between the phone and your computer, headsets for hands-free chatting, music tracks, app enjoyment, and more.