Sentence Examples

  • There are several other situations where you want to keep the use of hands while chatting it up, but where do you start when it comes time to jump into the handsfree headset market?
  • With many jurisdictions adopting laws that ban cell phones while driving, one of the major cell phone accessory trends is a push toward handsfree devices like Bluetooth headsets.
  • With several jurisdictions banning the use of handheld mobile phones while behind the wheel, it is becoming more important than ever to invest in suitable handsfree headsets.
  • Ireland: The official rule says that a cell phone with a "loudspeaking handsfree device" is permitted, but the position on wireless Bluetooth headsets is unclear.
  • Let's not forget that certain states and countries have laws that govern talking on cell phones while driving, and some of these require the use of handsfree devices.

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