Sentence Examples

  • Hammond, Structure and Life-history of the Harlequinfly (Oxford, 1900); J.
  • Hammond 1 has constructed a table from information supplied by the secretaries of the cotton exchanges at New York, Charleston, Savannah, Mobile, New Orleans and Galveston, showing the sales of " spot " cotton at those ports for the twenty-two years between 1874-1875 and 1895-1896, and in all cases an absolute decline is evident.
  • Hammond, History of Political Parties in the State of New York (2 vols., Albany, 1842).
  • +a"aa"-1 have been much studied by Sylvester, Hammond, Hilbert and Elliott (Elliott, Algebra of Quantics, ch.
  • Hammond and George Farrar, who in conjunction with Charles Leonard had made the arrangements with Jameson - were sentenced to death, the sentence being after some months' imprisonment commuted to a fine of £25,000 each.