Sentence Examples

  • He was maire of the village, tutor to Aurore's halfbrother, and, in addition to his other duties, undertook the education of the girl.
  • Ptolemy Ceraunus (the son of the first Ptolemy, and halfbrother of the reigning king of Egypt) seized the Macedonian throne, whilst Antiochus, the son of Seleucus, succeeded in holding together the Asiatic dominions of his father.
  • Quickly attaining a prominent position among the Frankish nobles, he appears as rector of the abbey of Marmoutier in 852, and as one of Charles the Bald's missi dominici, in 853; but soon afterwards he was among those who rebelled against Charles, and invited the king's halfbrother, Louis the German, to invade West Francia.
  • In his thirteenth year he was apprenticed to his halfbrother James, who was establishing himself in the printing business, and who in 1721 started the New England Courant, one of the earliest newspapers in America.
  • Rudolph was followed in 1356 by his son Rudolph II., who had fought at the battle of Crecy; and who in turn was succeeded in 1370 by his halfbrother Wenceslaus.