Sentence Examples

  • Although we have here nothing to do with mixed races, yet the want of fertility in these has been often taken to be a fact inherent in the mongrel race, and has been also sometimes held to prove that neither the European nor his half-bred offspring can maintain themselves in the tropics.
  • Lowland rams put to breed half-bred and cross lambs receive about I lb of grain daily to prevent their falling off too rapidly in condition, as they would do if exclusively supported on mountain fare.
  • Put to the Border Leicester ram the Cheviot ewe produces the Half-bred, which as a breeding ewe is unsurpassed as a rent-paying, arableland sheep.
  • Excellent results have sometimes followed the use of hackney sires upon half-bred mares, i.e.
  • The winning stallions are distributed in districts throughout Great Britain, and the use of these selected sires has resulted in a decided improvement in the quality of half-bred horses.