Sentence Examples

  • At the end of this piece, she let out a guttural sob.
  • I quite understand, said Berg, getting up and speaking in a muffled and guttural voice.
  • The symbol G was a new coinage in the 3rd century B.C. The pronunciation of C throughout the period of classical Latin was that of an unvoiced guttural stop (k).
  • In other dialects of Italy b is found representing an original voiced guttural (gw), which, however, is regularly replaced by v in Latin.
  • Of the consonants, c followed by e or i=ch (as in church), otherwise k; d or d resembles the English j; g is hard before e and i, otherwise soft; h is guttural, as ch in loch; j is pronounced as in French; r as in Russian; s ors (Sla y.