Sentence Examples

  • They prided themselves on having " set King Gus in the high seat," but they were quite ready to unseat him if his rule was not to their liking, and there were many things with which they were by no means contented.
  • The heroic deeds of Rustams grandfather were celebrated in the Samnma, which almost equals the Sha/inama in length; those of Rustams two sons, in the Jahagairnama and the Faramurznama; those of his daughter, an amazon, in the Brunhild style of the German Nibelunge, in the Bdn Gus/iaspnama; those of his grandson in the Barsi2nama; those of his great-grandson in the SIia/iriyarnama (ascribed to Mukhtari and dedicated to Masud Shah, who is probably identical with Masd b.
  • As it was Orosius' aim to show that the world had improved since the coming of Christ, he used Trc gus Pompeius' war history, written to exalt Roman triumphs, to show the reverse of victory, - disaster and ruin.