Sentence Examples

  • The 1914 uniform, which is currently on display at Girl Scout Camp Hoffman in West Kingston, RI, consisted of a khaki color blouse and skirt, a kerchief style tie and a wide brimmed hat with a GS logo pin on the front center.
  • One of the most popular of the sandals sport straps in Gucci's brown signature canvas (featuring the interlocking Gs) and leather with red and green fabric stripes.
  • Ing gs, the bilobed arch sh, The primitive shell-sac or enteron or lateral vesicles shell-gland ° of invaginated endoderm, pi, The rectal peduncle or whichwill develop into liver.
  • The mass of the arch-enteron or invaginated endodermal sac has taken on a bilobed form, and its cells are swollen (gs and tge).
  • Extremity of a branch of the thallus with a young lateral branch a; h, hyphae; g, cells of the alga; gs, the apex of the thallus.