Sentence Examples

  • Even studies published on reputable websites may be of questionable value if they were funded by an acai berry grower, supplement maker, or someone with a vested interested in publishing good news about acai berries.
  • The kinds in cultivation are natives of New Zealand; the best known, M. complexa, is a very rapid grower, with long wiry and entangled branches, small leaves, and rather inconspicuous white waxy flowers.
  • Caird expressed the opinion that the cost of carriage from abroad would always protect the British grower, the average all-rail freight from Chicago to New York was 17.76 cents, while the summer rate (partly by water) was 13.17 cents.
  • In selection work the grower must keep definitely in view the special market requirements for the kinds of tobacco he is producing.
  • Sanguineum, a tufted grower, has the flowers a deep rose colour; and the double-flowered white and blue forms of G.