Sentence Examples

  • Alternately, you may want to start by placing telephone calls to community colleges, career training schools, and other postsecondary education providers in targeted geographic areas to inquire about dog grooming program availability.
  • Each one is easy to maintain at home with minimal grooming supplies including a quality dog clipper with blades, blunt-tipped grooming scissors, gentle dog grooming products, a slicker brush, bristle brush and fine tooth metal comb.
  • For example, you may want to contact the postsecondary school licensing agency in your state (or in the states where you are interested in moving) and request names of licensed schools that are approved to offer a dog grooming curriculum.
  • Cats possess a heightened sense of intuition, and they just seem to know when it's time for a trip to the grooming shop, if there's an upcoming vet trip or any other special occasion that will require them to spend time in a cat carrier.
  • Students in the basic program will complete courses and participate in hands-on training opportunities that cover dog grooming, bathing, styling skills and techniques as well as how to properly use and care for pet grooming equipment.