Sentence Examples

  • The abundance in which iron is found in so many places, its great strength, its remarkable ductility and malleability in a red-hot state, and the ease with which two heated surfaces of iron can be welded together under the hammer combine to make it specially suitable for works on a large scale where strength with lightness are required - things such as screens, window-grills, ornamental hinges and the like.
  • At this period wrought iron came into general use in the form of screens for chapels and tombs, and grills for windows.
  • Some of the tables have built in grills, for those who enjoy cooking their barbecue at table.
  • Gasho Hibachi Resources All about Hibachi Grills
  • Comfortable dining areas built similar to a Japanese home using wood and stone décor feature large tables built around steel grills on which the food is made.