Sentence Examples

  • The massive graphite is very easily machined and is widely used for electrodes, dynamo brushes, lead pencils and the like.
  • The " muffle," a graphite cylinder 6 in.
  • YOXv13Sos, lead, and was originally employed to denote many substances containing or resembling lead; ultimately the term was applied to graphite and to molybdenum sulphide.
  • Graphite and some silver ores have also been found.
  • Wotton's letter of 1620, already noted, was not published till 1651 (Reliquiae Wottonianae, p. 141), but in 1658 a description of Kepler's portable tent camera for sketching, taken from it, was published in a work called Graphite, or the most excellent Art of Painting, but no mention is made of Kepler.