Sentence Examples

  • He was also one of the grantees of the province of Carolina and took a leading part in its management; it was at his request that Locke in 1669 drew up a constitution for the new colony.
  • The Connecticut grantees were incorporated in 1803 as "the proprietors of the half-million acres of land lying south of Lake Erie."
  • Further, since the grantees as a rule naturally sent their sons into the service of their own lords, such grants tended to become hereditary, and in them we have the origin of the baronage of the middle ages.
  • The New Hampshire grantees undertook to establish here a colony of Londonderry Irish; but the Massachusetts settlers were firmly established by the spring of 1727, Massachusetts definitely assumed jurisdiction in 1731, and in 1734 her general court incorporated the settlement under the name of Rumford.
  • Before the grantees had taken up their grant by acts of possession, Pondoland was annexed to Cape Colony.