Sentence Examples

  • Daniel Goddard - He started his career playing Eric Phillips on Home and Away in Australia, then made a move to the States landing a role on The Young and the Restless as Cane Ashby.
  • Among its institutions are the Aldrich public library and Goddard Seminary (1870; Universalist).
  • Colonel Goddard with a Bengal army marched across the breadth of the peninsula from the valley of the Ganges to the western sea, and achieved almost without a blow the conquest of Gujarat.
  • In after life he retained a lively feeling of interest in Winchester school, and remembered with admiration and profit the regulative tact of Dr Goddard, and the preceptorial ability of Dr Gabell, who were successively head-masters during his stay there.
  • In 1780 Cambay was taken by the army of General Goddard, was restored to the Mahrattas in 1783, and was afterwards ceded to the British by the peshwa under the treaty of 1803.