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  • Pop. (1895) 37,713, chiefly SerboCroatians, with small colonies of gipsies and Jews.
  • Two festivals are held in the town, a less important one in October, the other, on the 24th and 25th of May, unique for its gathering of gipsies who come in large numbers to do honour to the tomb of their patroness Sara, contained in the crypt below the apse.
  • The alien element is small, consisting chiefly of Austro-Hungarians, gipsies, Italians and Jews.
  • Jews number 32,650 and some 5000 gipsies wander about Siberia.
  • About threefourths of the inhabitants are Christian Serbs, and the remainder are chiefly Moslem Albanians, with a few gipsies, Turkish officials and about 3000 Austro-Hungarian soldiers.

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