Sentence Examples

  • Both of these groups play with the music rather then the lyrics, with the Lounge Machine singing explicit lyrics from rap and metal songs to lounge music and the Gimme Gimmes doing punk and hard rock versions of softer songs.
  • With a little bit of extra effort and attention, the "gimme" stuff you find for free on the Internet, in the community, or from your friends will complete the retro lawn set you're looking for.
  • The album's major hits Legs, Sharp Dressed Man, and Gimme All Your Lovin', along with their accompanying videos, helped propel ZZ Top to the highest reaches of the pop music stratosphere.
  • To add to the positive sign that her fans still support her despite her personal troubles, "Gimme More" made its first appearance on the Hot 100 at the much coveted number one spot.
  • The Times eventually awarded it the fifth best pop album of the decade, yet declared a single from the album, Gimme More, "one of the worst to grace" the MTV Music Video Awards.