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  • The works of Gervase Markham, Leonard Mascall, Gabriel Plattes and other authors of the first half of the 17th century may be passed over, the best part of them being preserved by Blith and Hartlib, who are referred to below.
  • 25) of Gervase of Tilbury (fl.
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  • Gervase of Canterbury, who lived in the 13th century, mentions that almost all writers of his country agreed in regarding Christmas day as the first of the year, because it forms, as it were, the term at which the sun finishes and recommences his annual course.
  • The chief chronicles for the reign are Gervase of Canterbury's Gesta regum, Ralf of Coggeshall's Chronicon, Walter of Coventry's Memoriale, Roger of Wendover's Flores historiarum, the Annals of Burton, Dunstaple and Margan - all these in the Rolls Series.