Sentence Examples

  • The States-General wished to summon a national synod, the States of Holland refused their assent, and made levies of local militia(waard-gelders) for the maintenance of order.
  • GELDERLAND, GELDERS, or GUELDERS, formerly a duchy of the Empire, on the lower Rhine and the Yssel, bounded by Friesland, Westphalia, Brabant, Holland and the Zuider Zee; part of which has become the province of Holland, dealt with separately below.
  • The northern portion is divided by the New (or Gelders) Ysel into two distinct regions, namely, the Veluwe ("bad land") on the west, and the former countship of Zutphen on the east.
  • The highlands of the Veluwe lying west of the Ysel really extend as far as the Crooked Rhine and the Vecht in the province of Utrecht, but are slightly detached from the Utrecht hills by the so-called Gelders valley, which forms the boundary between the two provinces.