Sentence Examples

  • Van Gelder, Geschichte der alten Rhodier (Hague, 1900); B.
  • - Van Gelder, De Gallis in Graecia et Asia (1888); Staehelin, Gesch.
  • The nucleus of the later county and duchy was the gau or district surrounding the town of Gelder or Gelre, lying between the Meuse and the Niers, and since 1715 included in Rhenish Prussia.
  • Other ancient and historical towns bordering on the Prussian frontier are Zevenaar, which was for long the cause of dispute between the houses of Cleves and Gelder and was finally attached to the kingdom of the Netherlands in 1816; Breedevoort, once the seat of a lordship of the same name belonging to the counts van Loon or Lohn, who built a castle here in the beginning of the 13th century which was destroyed in 1646 - the lordship was presented to Prince William III.