Sentence Examples

  • Unlike the swine flu vaccine used in 1976, flu vaccines in the last decades of the twentieth century and early 2000s have shown no association with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) in children.
  • Group beta streptococcus (GBS): Pregnant women diagnosed with GBS late in the pregnancy should be treated with antibiotics injected intravenously to prevent premature labor.
  • If transmission of GBS to the newborn infant already is suspected or if the baby develops symptoms of infection, infants often are treated with antibiotics.
  • A pregnant woman who has GBS infection can develop infections of the bladder, blood, and urinary tract, and deliver a baby who is infected or stillborn.
  • Newborns who are exposed to GBS, however, can develop serious complications such as meningitis, pneumonia, blindness, deafness, and death is possible.