Sentence Examples

  • For now, you can only purchase Kiniki products from the Kiniki website keep in mind that all prices are given in Great Britain Pounds (GBP), so there will be a currency exchange issue if you aren't based in the United Kingdom or Europe.
  • A Stamp Duty Calculator is used to add up the cost of this tax charged on the purchase of homes costing more than GBP 125,000 (US $249,000).
  • If the primary or a secondary cardholder dies, then the balance owing on the card will be paid, up to a maximum of GBP 20,000.
  • For example, a home costing GBP 150,000 (US $299,000), the Stamp Duty will be GBP 1,500 (USD $2,361).
  • Since its inception, the show has raised more than seven million pounds (GBP) for leukemia research.