Sentence Examples

  • Matriculating at the university of Gottingen in 1811, he began by devoting himself to astronomy under Carl Friedrich Gauss; but he enlisted in the Hanseatic Legion for the campaign of 1813 - 14, and became lieutenant of artillery in the Prussian service in 1815.
  • This is a particular case of a general theorem, due to Gauss, that, if u is an algebraical function of x of degree 2p or 2p + I, the area can be expressed in terms of p -}- i ordinates taken in suitable positions.
  • Gauss, that the definite results attainable by the hypothesis of mutual atomic attractions really reposed on much wider and less special principles - those, namely, connected with the modern doctrine of energy.
  • Gauss in his memoir Disquisitiones generales circa series infcnitas (1816), but in a very different manner.
  • To Legendre is due the theorem known as the law of quadratic reciprocity, the most important general result in the science of numbers which has been discovered since the time of P. de Fermat, and which was called by Gauss the " gem of arithmetic."