Sentence Examples

  • The rim of each eye piece is cushioned by a foam, rubber or silicone gasket that allows the lens to be held comfortably but snugly against the ocular bones to form a water-tight seal.
  • Sealing Ring (Model number - 4900-003) - The sealing ring is a rubber gasket that fits around the base of the blade assembly to prevent liquids from leaking out of the jar.
  • Peg glass candle holders usually come with a rubber gasket wrapped around the peg, that prevents wear and tear on both the glass stem and the taper holder.
  • Available replacement parts include the blender replacement parts package, bottom screw cap, blender gasket, blender jar and food processor blade post.
  • Try to keep chemicals such as gasoline and chlorine away from the watch as they may eat away at the gasket and ruin the water resistance and seals.