Sentence Examples

  • But the phrase "Campanian arrogance" seems to have been used proverbially for "gasconade"; and, as there was a plebeian gens Naevia in Rome, it is quite as probable that he was by birth a Roman citizen.
  • Those of the White system have opentrough valleys bordered by hills in their upper courses and canyons in their lower courses; others, notably the Gasconade, exhibit re 1 Counting the St Francis projection the length is 328 m.
  • Markable differences in the drainage areas of their two sides, with interesting illustrations of shifting water-partings; and the White, Gasconade, Osage and other rivers are remarkable for .upland meanders, lying, not on flood-plains, but around the spurs of a highland country.'
  • Grapes are mainly grown in the Ozark region, and wine is produced in Gasconade and other central and north-central counties in amounts sufficient to place Missouri, California aside, in the front rank of wine states in the Union.