Sentence Examples

  • In Indian legend the garuda on which Vishnu rides is the king of birds (Benfey, Pantschatantra, iii.
  • In the book of Kalila and Dimna the slmur or `anka is the king of birds, the Indian garuda, on whom Vishnu rides.
  • Bellew finds in the Gadara the Garuda (eagles) of Sanskrit, who were ever in opposition to the Naga (snakes) of Scythic origin.
  • Bickell, 1876), the simurgh takes the place of the garuda, while Ibn al-Mokaffa` (Calila et Dimna, ed.
  • He rides on the Garuda, half man and half bird, having the head, wings, beak and talons of an eagle, and human body and limbs, its face being white, its wings red and its body golden.

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