Sentence Examples

  • Mary of Lorraine broke the spirit of this agreement by garrisoning Perth with Scottish troops in the pay of France.
  • As War Minister he had the gigantic task of demobilizing armies of between four and five millions who had been in the war, of providing armies of occupation and forces for immediate garrisoning of the Empire, of building up an after-war army, and of re-creating the territorial army.
  • By modifications of the treaty of Vienna the garrisoning of the fortress of Luxemburg had passed into Prussian hands, an arrangement which lasted until 1867.
  • And in the World War, while optical instruments of this kind were elaborated and improved, the periscope as such came into use for the infantry garrisoning trenches.
  • By the peace of Bucharest (1812) the Turks retained the right of garrisoning Braila.

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