Sentence Examples

  • A garnishment occurs when the court contacts your employer directly and requires your employer to withdraw funds from each of your paychecks to pay to the lender directly.
  • On the other hand, if you have the means to repay your debt, and lenders can prove this, the courts may side with the lender and continue the garnishment or lien process.
  • Other secured debt can result in a garnishment of wages, so arrange workable payment plans for debt such as student loans, health bills and child support.
  • As long as the non-custodial parent's place of work is known, the garnishment can take place automatically.
  • The homestead of a householder or head of a family to the value of $2000 and properly recorded is exempt from levy, seizure, garnishment or forced sale, except for purchase money, for services of a labouring person or mechanic, for liabilities incurred by a public officer, fiduciary or attorney for money collected, for taxes, for rent or for legal fees of a public officer.