Sentence Examples

  • Kitchen-middens of England, Ireland and Denmark reveal the existence of the capercally, Tetrao urogallus, and of the great auk or gare-fowl, Alca impennis; both species long since vanished from those countries.
  • The northern road, the Rue de Rome, led to the Gare du Nord, the station for Carthage, Goletta and La Marsa.
  • The accommodation for shipping includes two graving docks, two patent slips, &c. The entrance to the river is protected by two breakwaters named respectively the North Gare and South Gare.
  • 4,41 421 f gare), turgid wheats (T.
  • The southern road, the Rue-es-Sadikia, leads to the Gare du Sud, the station for Susa, Kairawan, &c., and also for Algiers.