Sentence Examples

  • Marc Jacobs perfumes and scented body care products incorporate high quality and a fresh feel, and - as is so characteristic of this designer name -- frequently use modern interpretations of traditional scents (such as gardenia).
  • Vera Wang for Women - Described as a modern, floral bouquet, Vera Wang for Women includes rose, calla lily, white stephanotis, and mandarin flower scents, as well as lotus, iris, gardenia, white woods, and floral nectar.
  • Many allow outdoor gardenia shrubs to grow into a more natural form, with trims every few years to keep them below windowsill level or away from homes, telephone lines, or other items they need access too.
  • Madonna Nudes 1979 for Women contains top notes of lotus petals, pomegranate and tangerine; middle notes of gardenia, orange flower and magnolia; and base notes of amber, atlas cedar and cashmere musk.
  • Whether you grow gardenias indoors as houseplants or live in a mild climate where they flourish outdoors, start with the basics of gardenia plant care to create the best conditions for your gardenias.