Sentence Examples

  • The study finds that "video gamers tend to be more attune to their surroundings while performing tasks, like driving down a residential street, where they may be more likely to pick out a child running after a ball, than a non-video gamer."
  • You may be able to set Lumines aside for a little while as you engage in other titles for your Sony portable gamer, but more likely than not, you will shove this game back in there before long and not want it to end... ever.
  • Heavy gamer- Technology changes quickly in the gaming industry, and you will need a top of the line, cutting edge, latest 4D video graphics card and chips to get the best performance from today's and tomorrow's games.
  • The common gamer term "gib" (derived from giblet, the dense gizzard organ you find in some table fowl) was born in these games - an enthusiastic word for the bloody chunks that go flying when you shoot an opponent.
  • However, one of the lesser known Mario Party DS cheats tht will let you access them all is actually simpler than you may think.Simply link your Nintendo DS to another gamer and play the Party Mode with this person.