Sentence Examples

  • When you wear contact lenses, you are dramatically changing your appearance, so you should be prepared for the reaction that you'll receive from people, particularly if you use some of the more dramatic FX lenses.
  • You can purchase sclera contact lenses at several different online sites, including Extreme Fx, and while the convenience of purchasing your theatrical look online is enviable, the price, at $269.00, is not.
  • Whenever a theater production or a film production requires an actor or actress to really look the part of a demon, vampire or some other unnatural being, the FX contact lens is often the solution.
  • If you've ever seen a movie where the actor or actress has very unnaturally colored eyes, like pure red or jet black, then you've seen what FX contact lenses can do to enhance your appearance.
  • When you browse through the selection of the top FX lens retailers available below, you'll quickly realize that you'll likely never run out of interesting lens designs to try out.