Sentence Examples

  • Kirchhoff's expressions for X, Y, Z, the coordinates of the centre of the body, FX=y 1 cos xY--y 2 cos yY-{-y 3 cos zY, (18) FY = -y l cos xX -Hy2 cos yX+y 3 cos zX, (Ig) G=y 1 cos xZ+y 2 cos yZ+y 3 cos zZ, (20) (21) F(X+Yi) = Fy3-Gx3+i /) X 3epi.
  • The above, with the relative forms mentioned below, are supposed by Erman to be derived from the participle, which is placed first for emphasis: thus, t~mw tIn, hearing is the king; 1dm-f, for fdm-fy, hearing he is.
  • Obtain the formulae Ix =,1z ly, Iy= i~x ~z, 11 = fy ijX.
  • The nasal mutation occurs after fy, " my," and yn, " in "; thus fy mhen, " my head " (pen, " head "), yn Nhalgarth, " at Talgarth."
  • Fy, " my," 2.