Sentence Examples

  • While the FDA and the FTC have cracked down on spurious claims about coral calcium, the myth continues to prevail that it is a better source of calcium than the closely related calcium carbonate.
  • When you're ready to finance your next big purchase or obtain credit, order your free government credit report from the FTC first to find out your credit score and what is contained in your credit report.
  • There is also information available from the FTC which will help you tackle your credit card debt problem on your own if you decide against seeking out assistance from a credit counseling agency.
  • When you are searching for accurate legal information regarding credit cards one of the best places to use as a reliable source is the Federal Trade Commission, often referred to as the FTC.
  • The FTC and FDA both vigorously pursued coral calcium supplement claims in recent years, going after makers and marketers that claimed coral calcium cures cancer and many other diseases.