Sentence Examples

  • Carnivora are also numerous, particularly the frequenters of cold climates, such as bears, weasels, wolves and foxes.
  • During the many years in which he was a member of " The Club " he was one of its most assiduous frequenters, and his loss was acknowledged by a formal resolution.
  • Although the frequenters of the clubs and coffee-houses were the persons for whom the essay-papers were mainly written, a proof of the increasing refinement of the age is to be found in the fact that now for the first time were women specially addressed as part of the reading public. The Taller was commenced by Richard Steele in 1709, and Tatler, &c. issued thrice a week until 1711.
  • This flourishing industry, which fully occupied 40,000 boats and 300,000 fishers assembled from all parts of Europe to catch and salt the favourite Lenten fare of the whole continent, was the property of the Danish crown, and the innumerable tolls and taxes imposed by the king on the frequenters of the market was one of his most certain and lucrative sources of revenue.
  • In 1268 the margrave of Meissen granted a safe-conduct to all frequenters of the fairs, and in 1497 and 1507 the emperor Maximilian I.

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