Sentence Examples

  • It was formerly frequented by whaling vessels (hence its name).
  • It is frequented by the residents of the capital as a watering-place.
  • There are many summer resorts in the Tatra Mountains, the most frequented being Tatrafiired (German, Schmecks), three small villages situated at an altitude of 3250 ft., at the foot of the Schlagendorf peak; and the environs of the Lake of Csorba, which is called the "Pearl of the Tatra."
  • The marshes in the south like the adjoining desert were frequented by Aramaic tribes; of these the most famous were the Kalda or Chaldaeans who under Merodach-baladan made themselves masters of Babylon and gave their name in later days to the whole population of the country.
  • The mission continued its march, passing Dhamar, the seat of a university of the Zedi sect, then frequented by 500 students.