Sentence Examples

  • Airblaster does not indicate what the fabric content of the suit is, but the company does claim that it's a four-way stretch wicking fabric, allowing for maximum movement and no sweat on your skin.
  • Four controller ports could be found on the front of the console, emphasizing multi-player capabilities (four-way deathmatches and races became incredibly popular in Goldeneye 007 and Mario Kart 64).
  • Years ago, the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) offered players a simple controller with a four-way directional pad and two face buttons called A and B.
  • However, the test gets a bit harder as you first must stop at a stop sign, make an appropriate turn, and then approach a four-way intersection.
  • The bulk of men's extreme designs are made of four-way stretch Lycra, so you can be confident that you will be fully accommodated as necessary.