Sentence Examples

  • Chinese traditional medicinal remedies: Taking yin chiao (sometimes transliterated as yinquiao) tablets that contain honeysuckle and forsythia when symptoms appear as well as using natural herb loquat syrup for cough and sinus congestion.
  • Golden Bell (Forsythia) - Beautiful spring-flowering shrubs, especially F. suspensa, whose long, slender, wand-like shoots are studded for a considerable distance with bright golden blossoms.
  • A certain Forsythia was sent here from the Continent two or three years since under the name of F. intermedia, and was announced as a hybrid between F. suspensa and F. viridissima.
  • When rambling about in a free state, or when hanging over a bank or a cutting, this Forsythia is seen to very great advantage.
  • Jasmine has a pale yellow or sometimes white flower that looks similar to forsythia.

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