Sentence Examples

  • Treatment: Ick can be treated a number of ways, including using aquarium salts, formalin, malachite green or copper, but some strains of the disease have become tolerant to some of these options.
  • Treatment: The disease is usually treated with formalin or malachite green.
  • The more important of those in use to-day are carbolic acid, the perchloride and biniodide of mercury, iodoform, formalin, salicylic acid, &c. Carbolic acid is germicidal in strong solution, inhibitory in weaker ones.
  • Similar spots are produced on potatoes in America by the fungus Oospora scabies, and in both cases, if affected "seed" potatoes are steeped in a solution of 2 pint formalin in 15 gallons of water for two hours before planting, the attack on the resulting crop is materially lessened.
  • It is also advisable to wash all woodwork and gangways annually with a weak solution of formalin, or other inodorous germicide.

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