Sentence Examples

  • The small and mobile forelimbs bear four complete fingers, with the thumb reduced to a bony spur.
  • Forelimbs absent; hind-limbs transformed into a pair of scale-covered flaps.
  • In the forelimbs the bones corresponding to the third and fourth metacarpals of the pig's foot are fused into a cannon-bone; and a similar condition obtains in the case of the corresponding metatarsals in the hind-limbs.
  • Configuration of the palate, precoracoid, pelvis, intestinal convolutions, copulatory organ, &c. Loss of the keel is co-ordinated with the power of using the forelimbs for locomotion; although a " Ratite " character, it is not sufficient to turn a Notornis, Cnemiornis or Stringops, not even a Phororhacos into a member of the Ratitae.