Sentence Examples

  • Because each box contains a set number of tiles to cover a specific square footage, determining how many boxes of tiles you'll need to complete the job will be much easier than trying to figure out how much regular carpet will be needed.
  • While there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence, photographs, sonar readings and even video footage, many experts dispute these as hoaxes perpetuated by people who either want to make money or who want to continue the myth and legend.
  • Computer Generated: Computer generated (CGI) videos aren't actual coaster footage, but with highly detailed 3D imaging and electronic models, computer POV videos can often be just as realistic as the most carefully filmed live shots.
  • If your bathroom is not large enough to accommodate all of the items on your wish list and your budget or space won't allow for adding more square footage to your bathroom, you'll need to prioritize the items on your wish list.
  • The way to calculate the portion of the expense that is deductible for business purposes is as follows: Figure out the square footage of your home that is used for business purposes and the total square footage of your home.