Sentence Examples

  • National Defense/Foreign Policy - The FOIA specifically states that government agencies are not required to disclose information relevant to national security that concerns either national defense or matters of foreign policy.
  • Even though the Freedom of Information Act guarantees that private citizens have access to the records of federal agencies, there are a number of FOIA exemptions that apply to certain types of sensitive information.
  • Financial Institution Recordkeeping - Information compiled or used by government agencies for the purpose of supervising and/or regulating financial institutions does not have to be disclosed under FOIA provisions.
  • In addition to the types of information specified in the nine official FOIA exemptions, it is also important to note that only U.S. federal agencies fall under the scope of the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Privacy Protection - The FOIA does not require government agencies to disclose information if doing so would be an invasion of the personal privacy of the person the information is about.

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