Sentence Examples

  • Those that were rescued by intrepid fans now have the distinction of fetching some of the highest prices on the market, reflecting the earlier eras' flirtation with pop culture and fine art.
  • Since then, rumors have swirled that Jake and his Rendition co-star, the newly single Reese Witherspoon, have taken their flirtation from reel life to real life.
  • You can enjoy the flirtation if you want, but if you were to end up with him, he's the kind of guy who might do the same to you when you are not around.
  • Everybody loves a bit of make-believe, and dating sims RPG games bring that into the realm of flirtation, romance, and sometimes even real-life love.
  • The words are tongue-in-cheek, a kind of daring flirtation - the description of the Cowboy Casanova in Underwood's song was not very flattering.